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About James Brown
On August 15, 1992, James Brown was robbed at gunpoint, shot in the neck and left paralyzed from the neck down and likely fated to live the rest of my life confined to a wheelchair. Rather than lying in bed feeling sorry myself, he inevitably decided to accept God's grace to have life and have it more abundantly by making a difference, not only in his life but in the lives of others, namely youth.icc codes pdf

 After his paralysis,chopard happy diamonds clone watches his sensibilities naturally increased, including the ability to reflect on past decisions, life's circumstances,and the inevitable consequences that they create. Faced with an abundance of time to think and observe the world around him, he began to clearly see the course of events that shaped his life and how extreme circumstances, misjudgements and poor decisions led him to that fateful day. Being raped and remaining silent about it, not investing in education, relying too heavily on a dream to become a professional football player, rebelling against authority of any kind, and other sale pdf codes such decisions led James on a path of destruction. 

James Brown is now a motivational speaker with a powerful and life-changing message. As a former star high school athlete from a troubled family and a naval officer turned drug dealer, James understands the lure of the streets. He shares his life story as a way for him to heal past wounds ICC Code Download and help others effectively overcome their current challenges. Through his inspirational books and motivational speaking, he has already cultivated positive change in his audiences.

On September 11, 2001, he founded  fake omega watches 18k rose gold UK (James Brown Youth Empowerment Organization) Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is dedicated to mentoring and inspiring youth. The mission of the JBYEO is to effectively educate, encourage, and empower children and young adults against engaging in risky behaviors, including but not limited to substance abuse and gang membership. 


"Courage in Crises: Beyond Abuse, Anger and Addiction" is the story of James' redemptive life through tragedy
"Don't Get the Big F" is a workbook for crime and delinquency prevention cheap aws codes workbook for teens. It has been used
"Letting Go: 10 Reasons to Forgive" is a book about taking control from our violators through forgiveness

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